20 Must-Eat Restaurants in Salem

Salem is one of the most trending and hottest cities of Tamil Nadu. The city of Salem is present in the environment where one can experience the table food and balanced economy. It is one of the most visited places in Tamil Nadu by foreign people. There are many good tourist attractions, restaurants, and entertainment places present in the town. The town is known for tasty ripen mangoes. The recent modern technologies and improvements made the city into one of the modern cities in Tamil Nadu.

When it comes to food, there are many restaurants and street food stalls that are present in the city. Some of the restaurants offer certain dishes that are known for their taste and delightfulness. If you are a street food lover, then Salem is the best place to enjoy your street food experience. Starting from the moth watering sweet recipes to the lip-smacking spicy foods. As Salem is present in the Southern state of India, the staple food of Salem is rice, but there are many restaurants and food stalls are present in Salem, where people can experience the best and tasty foods. So without any further delay, let us discuss the top 20 must-eat restaurants and street food stall in Salem.

Saravana Bhavan Classic

Saravana Bhavan is one of the renowned hotels in Tamil Nadu. The Salem branch provides the best food and evening snacks items to its customers. They offer the authentic foods of Tamil Nadu and some other states food. The foods of Tamil Nadu can be experienced and enjoyed in these restaurants. The Saravana Bhavan Classic is the choice of many people to have their foods and snacks during their travel. The hotel offers very tasty food at a very affordable price.

Junior Kuppanna

Junior Kuppana offers the best non-veg foods in Salem. The spicy Chettinad dishes and deep-fried dishes of Junior Kuppanna is the mot favorite non-veg food restaurants of Salem people, the pallipalayam fries, mutton sukka, chicken sukka, and biriyanis are the best sellers of the hotel. The lip-smacking and mouth-watering dishes of these restaurants are the best sellers of and best food items of Salem.

Selvi mess

Selvi mess has many branches in Salem. The mess offers spicy non-veg food recipes. They serve us the traditional non-veg, Chettinad curries and pallipalayam dishes of South India. Most of their dishes have the traditional touch and authentic south Indian spices are added to the dish.

Anjappar Chettinad Restaurants

The Anjappar restaurant offers the best deals to eat. It would be the best choice for you and your family if you are searching for the best non-veg hotels in Salem. The Anjappar restaurant provides authentic Chettinad non-veg and veg recipes. They provide quality food at a very affordable price. The menu varies from spicy non-veg dishes to traditional veg recipes. 

Rasikas Restaurants

Raskias is one of the oldest restaurants in Salem. The Rasikas fried chicken a grilled chicken is the must-haves in Salem. They are the food people to introduce the best grill chicken recipes in Salem. To this day, the restaurant offers the best-fried chicken recipes.

Kevis Restaurants

Kevis Restaurant is the oldest restaurant in Salem. The hotel holds its name and quality to this day. They are present in the heart of the city and hence they offer the best quality food and tasty food at affordable prices .some of the best dishes of Kevis are parotta, fried rice, special gravies, and paneer butter masala.

Salem RR Briyani

If you are a person who wants to enjoy your food on a budget basis, then Salem RR biriyani is the best restaurant to visit. The restaurant offers biriyani, grill chicken, chilli chicken, fried rices, fried rice, noodles, grill chicken, pepper grill chicken and other recipes in the most budget-friendly way. They provide tasty food in the most affordable way.

Barbeque Nation

Barbeque nation is the pride of Salem, there are many excellent mouth-watering dishes are present in Salem. The restaurant offers both the regular dining restaurant and buffet ones. The buffet restaurant will provide you unlimited food for the fixed price. The unlimited food includes barbeques, all types of non-veg items and many other food recipes. They also offer some good drinks.

Saravanas Parottas

Saravanas Parottas is a heaven for the people who love parottas. They offer the best parotta recipes with excellent veg and non-veg gravies. They have many kinds of parottas and other dishes rather than parottas with them. These people also provide food at a very affordable price.

Super Star Pizza

Superstar is pizza is the first theme-based restaurant of Salem. The restaurant is fully designed based on the superstar Rajinikanth’s movie’s name, and also all their dish names are the names of the movies of our thalaivar. This place is visited by many peoples, to enjoy the food and different theme of the restaurant.

Polar Bear

Polar Bear is the best ice cream parlor in Salem City. The Ice cream parlor offers the ice cream in many flavors, their ice cream ranges in all types of flavors. They also provide many unique flavors of ice cream in the Salem city town.

Sukh Sagar Restaurant

Sukh Sagar Restaurant is the best place to have quick bites in the evening time. They offer you the best snack items, chat items, quick bites and some other delightful veg recipes. They are excellent for chat lovers. This is located in the basement of the Kandaswarna mall.


Tandooriwala is the best place to have family dinners, As the name suggests they provide good tandoor recipes and other spicy non-veg recipes. It is the best place to be visited with family and friends.

Hotel Sarathy

Sarathy is a veg restaurant, which offers all types of authentic Tamil food recipes. Sarathy sambhar is the must-try recipes for the people. The veg recipes are provided at an affordable price.

Déjà vu & Frizzstone

Déjà vu is a restaurant where you can find the fusion food in Salem. Here you can find unique recipes and some quality foods.

Delight by the French Loaf

The restaurant is designed in the french style and also it offers the best bakery food. The croissants, cakes, pizzas, ice creams, and drinks are the must-tries of the Delight by the French Loaf Restaurant.

Shawarma station

Shawarma station is a street food stall, which provides the best shawarma recipes to its customers. Their shawarma recipes are the best and spicy chicken shawarma recipe is the must-try of the restaurants.

Palmyra Restaurants

The Palmyra restaurant offers unique food styles and cuisines than the regular dinings. They are the best in serving north Indian cuisine.

Hotel Cascade

Hotel cascade s the best restaurants which provide the best Thai and Chinese cuisine , Phuket fish, fried prawns, Thai fried rice and golden baskets are the must-eat.

Brew Bakes

Brew bakes are the best place, f you want to spend some quality time with your friends and families. It offers many quick bites items and shakes recipes.

Royal Choice Restaurants

The royal choice restaurant provides you the royal food recipes with od service and tasty food at a very affordable price.

south indian food

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