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South Indian Cuisines

India is a country with different types of people tradition, colors, foods, and languages.  Very Delicious Indian Food is very famous in the world, it is loved by many people. The blend of spices and vegetables with a sprinkle of Indian tradition in each recipe makes people love it. The southern part of India comprises of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana, and Andra Pradesh. This is where we can find an excellent south Indian Cusine. The south Indian Cusine is very famous. Most of the south Indian Cuisine has medicinal value it along with the taste. Whenever we talk about south Indian Cuisine, there are certain dishes like Dosa, Vada, payasam, sambar, staple rice with veg and non-veg curries from Tamil Nadu, fish coconut curry from Kerala, Chettinadu recipes from Andra and Rava idli ad Rava Dosa recipes from Karnataka strikes our mind.

The south Indian cuisine is very simple, it requires a lot of patience to bring out the exact essence of the cuisine. The balance of spices is the most important part of South Indian Foods. The Best South Indian food involves the use of dry spices, spice mixes, herbs, veggies, meats and locally available fruits and vegetables. Rice is consumed in major parts of South India. In this essay on south Indian food, we will see more about the South Indian food menu and some interesting and traditional cuisine recipes. The Indian cuisine is so much different from other cuisines such as Thai cuisine, Mexican cuisine, Mexican Cuisine, American cuisine, Middle Eastern cuisine, Punjabi cuisine, Gujarati cuisine, Cajun cuisine, french cuisine, African cuisine, global and global cuisine. Here we will see about,

South Indian Famous Foods – The Cuisine of South India

Traditional Tamil Nadu Cuisine

The People of Tamil Nadu are known as Tamilians, the most important food of Tamil people is Rice. Then pair the rice with light or heavily spiced sambar or any sort of vegetable curries. In Tamil Nadu, the majority of people are Brahmins, which make vegetarian meals as more common, but certain other non-brahmin people consume meat and all types of non-veg food, they serve their food in banana leaves. There are many channels and books available in which you can find south Indian Food recipes in Tamil and south Indian food in Hindi.

Pair up with Rice

The following are some curries and soup varieties that go very well with Rice. Most Tamil people use sambar to pair with rice, Dosa, Idli, and vada. The sambar is made from Daal, vegetables and light species. You can follow these recipes in many books and videos which has South Indian food images.

Rasam, rasam is a tamarind based soup that consists of many types of herbs and spices. It has any medicinal value. Especially Milagu Rsasm s used to treat Cough, cold and fever. This soup is served after having their rice. To make digestion easy.

Kulambu, is a thick consistent gravy that is made with tamarind, onion, tomato, coconut puree, vegetables sometimes meat and loads and loads of spices. It varies based on the vegetables and meat used.

Thayir, which is known as Curd or yogurt, is also consumed with all the above-mentioned varieties. The Thayir is mostly used to cool down the body heat. It can be consumed as Buttermilk drink, which is another version of Thayir.

All these above-mentioned items, all totally combined and called as a perfect lip-smacking Tamil Meal. All these things can be accompanied by poriyal, kootu amd apalam( pappad).

Traditional Sambar Recipe 

Based on the people’s choice any type of Daal can be used for preparing Daal. First of all one needs to wash the daal. Then daal along with tomatoes, onion and little bit os turmeric should be kept in a pressure cooker. After 3 to 4 whistles blend all the ingredients in a smooth consistency. Then add some tamarind water chilli powder and salt to it.. Then you can add the vegetables of your choice to it, then finally make a thadka to it. In which you have to add 3 to 4 tablespoons of oil, then add some mustard seeds, curry leaves and the secret ingredient asafetida for fantastic aroma.

Traditional Cuisine of Karnataka

The cuisine of Karnataka is less spicy when compared to other southern states. Karnataka is famous for dosa, rasam, neer dosa, vada, and masala dosa. All these recipes are served in the famous Udupi hotels of Karnataka. One of the most famous dish of Karnataka is the Bisa ee Bath, it is a hot and spicy dish, made up of rice, daal, spices and lots of vegetables. Their desserts are mostly based on non-dairy products such as jaggery, butter, and other products. The north Karnataka dishes are very hot, while south Karnataka dishes are light in spices. Mysore park, spicy buttered milk, tumbli, Ragi muddle, masala dosa are some of the most famous dishes of Karnataka. 

Masala Dosa Recipe

For making masala dosa filling, we can use any type of filling but the most common one is Potato. Add oil to the hot pan, then after heated up add some mustard seeds, curry leaves, onion, tomatoes, green chillies and pinch of red chilli powder and salt. After mixing the spices add some turmeric powder to it and then finally add the mashed boiled potatoes to the masala mixture.

Then with the dosa batter, prepare a dosa to add 2 tablespoons of ghee or oil to the Dosa. Then add the potato masala mixture in the middle of the dosa. And it’s done, serve it hot with chutney. It is the perfect southern breakfast. These items are now served in Cafe too.

Traditional Cuisines of Kerala

Kerala is also known as God’s Own Country. This is blessed with fresh coconuts and rich spices, all the cuisines of Kerala consist of both the above-mentioned ingredients. For breakfast, they mostly eat idli, Dosa, puttu with vegetable stew, duck curry, chicken and mutton curries. As it is present in the coastal belt, most of the cuisine is seafood-based food. Some famous Kerala cuisines are Malabari fish curry, coconut shrimp stew, fish fry, fish curries, shrimp gravies, banana fry, cakes, halwas and meen thoran.it is somehow similar to the Sri Lankan cuisine.

Malayali Vegetable Stew Recipe

In this recipe, we can use the vegetables of our choice. First of all, we need to clean and cut the vegetables in the desired shape and we need to the steam them ready.then in the saucepan add vegetables, coconut milk, curry leaves, black pepper and green chillies then add sugar and salt to adjust the taste. Then you can add the water to create the consistency you need. Finally, you can balance the taste according to your wish by adding the pepper and green chillies to it. serve it hot with appam or rice. We can also serve with Dumpling.

Traditional Cuisine of Andra Pradesh

Andr Pradesh is the home town of some Lip-smacking recipes. Most of the Andra dishes are evolved from the Mughals. The biriyanis, kebabs, tandoori, naan and other heavily spices non-veg foods are some mouth-watering Karnataka food. They use many dry spices and a lot of ingredients to bring Mughal taste in the plates. The most famous Hyderabadi Biriyani is the favorite Indian dish of many people, it is prepared form basmathi rice, spices, masala, fried onions, mutton, chicken and lots and lots of mouth-watering ingredients. Some of the most popular Andra dishes are achaari subzi, Dum ka murgh, haryaali chicken, barbeque mirchi ka saala and other non-veg kurmas. These are also available as street foods in Hyderabad.

Haryaali Chicken recipe

It is one of the most easiest chicken recipes. In a mixer jar add a handful of mint, coriander and some green chillies blended them and create a smooth mixture. Then in a hot pan, add some oil and then add cloves, bay leaves and cinnamon. You can add onions if you want. Then add ginger garlic paste to saute them well. The add the blended green mixture in the pan. Then add 4 to 5 teaspoons of curd to the mixture, stir it well and finally add the cleared the chicken. Cover with the lid and cook until chicken becomes soft. Serve hot with rice or rumaali rotis.

Traditional Cuisines of Telangana

Telangana and Andhra cuisine are a little similar to each other. The staple food of Telangana is millets. Some of the famous Telangana cuisine which makes people have them, again and again, are jonna rotte, sarva pindi, uppudi pindi, malidalu koora and pulusu. These are some of the famous Telangana dishes.

Sarva Pindi Recipe

In a bowl take some onion, green chillies, garlic, red chilli powder, curry leaves, and salt according to the taste. Then add peanuts and chana dal to the mixture and mix it well. Then add the rice flour along with water and mix until it forms into a semi-firm dough. Then in a Tawa or a pan, add some oil and take some mix in your hand pat it well and put it n the Tawa. Then cover it with lid and cook for 10 minutes. Then serve it hot with spicy pickles.

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