Kannankurichi Salem Kadalai Mittai Style

Kovilpatti Kadalai Mittai is made from good quality Roasted peanuts, jaggery, and glucose. Yummy and tasty kadalai mittai is made in the famous south Indian city of kovilpatti style in salem where groundnuts are harvested in black soil.

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Peanut Chikki/Kadalai Mittai/Kadalai urundai is an excellent anytime diet snack or after food delight. Kadalai Mittai – Chikki is liked by all ages and is a very popular sweet mittai in Tamil Nadu. Protein content in the peanut is equal to the cashew. And thus peanut has a unique space in south Indian traditional food habits. kannankurichi is prepared using split peanuts that are held by Jaggery syrup followed by the colorful coconut shreds gently topped here and there. Using Jaggery in peanut neutralizes Pitham which makes a great protein source.

In this video we will see how to make kadalai mittai recipe in tamil. This crunchy peanut chikki is very easy to make and only requires two ingredients, peanut and jaggery. The consistency of jaggery is very critical in making the kadalai mittai if the syrup is taken too early the mittai will be soft and chewy but if it is syrup is heated too long then it will become very hard. Also keep the syrup at low temperature because at high temperature the syrup will get a burnt taste.

Kadalai Mittai Bites are toothsome to rejoice. Your favorite sticky-sweet-can-eat-forever snack is here. Kadalai Mittai Bites from kannankurichi salem Mittai Kadai is crunchy and sweeter as we use top-grade ingredients freshly cultivated groundnuts which melts in the finest jaggery. Chikki is a popular sweet snack traditionally made from jaggery and groundnuts. Our groundnut candies is a healthy snack which will be the top-selling amongst kids as it is rich in proteins with no added preservatives and artificial flavors. Buy our Kadalai Mittai Bites online to keep enjoying our Kadalai Mittai Bites which gives an authentic taste and quality as it is one of the best traditional Indian snacks ever. Now you can buy the famous and healthiest Sattur’s Peanut Mittai bites with your friends and loved ones.

Kadalai Mittai Bars from kannankurichi salem Mittai Kadai is the appetizing and healthiest sweets for kids and adults. Our Groundnut bars are rich in protein freshly made from groundnuts cultivated from a farm with no added preservatives, and no artificial agents, we use locally sourced top-notch ingredients. Sattur Mittai Kadai’s Kadalai Mittai Bars a package of healthy, delicious, and traditional Indian candy. Our Groundnut candies are all-time favorites for a majority of the people regardless of age groups till now. Taste our wonderlicious Kadalai barfis that lure people with the promise to please even the fussiest palate. Buy our traditional Kadalai Mittai Bars online with just one click and can regularly stock up our finger-licking delicacies, indulge in offering the top-notch Peanut Mittai Bars that make our patrons relish the taste of it.

Rich in energy, minerals and antioxidants. It is one of the very old snack in Tamilnadu and its still in competition with the modern snack bars.
Good to take Kadalai mittai after food and as a snack as part of your daily consumption plan.
Casted with dry groundnuts with a drip of hot jaggery syrup this groundnut candy will be a crunchiest treat for your taste buds and heart.

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