Pirandai Thuvaiyal Recipe -Pirandai Chutney

Pirandai Chutney Recipe – Pirandai Thuvaiyal recipe


Ingredients needed
3/4 cup Pirandai (cleaned and chopped)
2 tablespoon oil
3 tablespoon Urad dal
2 Red Chillies or as needed
1/2 inch Ginger
Tamarind (small piece)
Curry leaves (a sprig)
3 tablespoon Grated coconut
Salt needed

How to Clean Pirandai

Pirandai easy cleaning

Pirandai is generally causes itvhing on skin while handling. To prevent this itvhing, You need to either grease your hands with cooking oil or wear gloves to clean pirandai.

Using Knife, Remove the Sharp edges\fibers from the sides of pirandai. Then cut into small pieces and ready to use.

How to Make Pirandai Chutney Recipe:

heat the oil in a hot kadai or pan, Add in the small pirandai pieces, cook medium flame untill color changes into light. Transfer into the plate.

Then roast the urad dal and dry red chilli and asafetida keep this urad dal mixture separately.

Stir the tamarind for few seconds, transfer into same plate. Stir the garlic until slightly golden color, then add in the coconut and saute for a minute and transfer into same plate. cool till the sauteed ingredients completely.

First grind the urad dal mixture coarsely. Add in the remaining all ingredients and grind little coarsely with required water and the pirandai thuvaiyal ready.

If your ground paste is thick like how Thuvaiyal should be, you can mix it with rice or eat it as a side dish/pickle. Or you can add water to the Thuvaiyal and make it a thin chutney consistency and serve along with Dosa or Idli.

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