Top 10 South Indian Foods that One Must Try!

South Indian Dishes are the best, they are loaded with spices and flavors. People from all around the world ae trying south Indian dishes and claiming that south Indian Dishes are one of the most flavourful dishes in the word. Apart from regular rotis, poori, pulao and butter chicken. There are certain other south Indian Dishes that a person needs to try. The dishes from Andra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Karnataka is loaded with spices, culture and traditional value. These dishes are loved and suggested by most of the people who are from outside the South Indian region. The below content contains some of the mouth-watering south Indian dishes, which are popular among the world people. So without any further overdue, let us jump directly into the content.


The soft, fluffy and a flattened shaped dish is known as Idli. It is the breakfast of most of the people in South India. This dish can be consumed as breakfast and also as an evening snack. It is prepared from fermented lentils and rice. All the fermented items are mixed and formed into a thick batter. Then the required amount os salt is added to the batter. The batter is poured in flattened circular molds. The molds are steamed for about 5- 10 minutes. Then the idlis are ready to eat, they are served hot with chutney and sambar.


Dosas are thin crepe-like dishes. They are prepared from the same batter which is used for Idli. But the thing is, here the batter is poured in a hot Tawa. The batter is spread out by using a spatula then it creates a thing crispy Dosa. The dosas are very popular breakfast in India. There are many variations in Dosas are available. Masa Dosa, Podi Dosa, Rava Dosa and many more.


Uttappam would be the perfect choice for the people, who hate to eat plain dosas. It Can be termed as an improved version of Dosa. It is a variant of Pizza, pancake and Dosas. The batter is spread in a hot Tawa. A thick layer of batter is spread in a Tawa. Then as a topping finely chopped onions, tomatoes, green chilies, and some spices are added to it. Then the uttapam is ready to be served. The Uttappam is served hot with hot sambar and spicy chutneys and podis.


Searching for something hot, crispy and deep-fried in the south Indian Platter. Then mark your eyes on the vadas. The vadas are the must thing dishes from south Indian cuisine. The vadas are made from a fermented batter. The batter contains chopped onions, green chillies, coriander and salt to taste. Then in a pan, when the oil is heated in a medium flame, deep fry the batter in the shape of doughnuts. Then the vadas are good to go. It can be consumed along with breakfast or as an evening snack item. The vadas are also served with hot sambar and also with curd.

Crispy Banana Chips

It is a common thing to see bright yellow banana chips present in the street stalls of South India. This snack item has emerged from kerala. These chips are prepared as the bananas are deep-fried in the hot coconut oil there are two variations present in these chips, they are sweet jaggery coated ones and salty savory flavored one. These chips are the best partner for your evening time chai.


Appam is a soft, mild breakfast dish. It is prepared from fermented rice batter. This mild breakfast item is served with vegetable stews, meat stews and most popularly with freshly grated coconut milk.

Filter Coffee

The Kaapi is local slang for the word coffee. The south Indin coffees are the best when it comes to tastes and aroma. The filter coffee is a variant of the normal south Indian coffee. Here the filtration process is used to concentrate the coffee in order to get a strong flavor.

Malabar parotta with beef curry

On the coasts of Malabar, you can easily find out the crispy fried parottas. These parottas the favorite of many people. These parottas are served with spicy beef curry, the curry contains spices and many wonderful flavors.


Biriyani is a dish that is famous all around the world. It is a rice-based dish in which there are loads and loads of spices, flavors, and meat. This dish has its Mughal and arabic origin from the middle eastern countries of the world. The famous Hyderabadi biriyani which is a variant of the regular biriyani is served with raita and other non-veg side dishes.


Payasam is an authentic south Indian desert. The south Indian Dessert compromises of milk, sugar or jaggery, vermecelli, dry fruits, and ghee. All these combine and forms a creamy flavored dessert. This dish is served hot after having a heavy south Indian meal.

south indian food

South Indian Cuisines India is a country with different types of people tradition, colors, foods, and languages. Very Delicious Indian Food is very famous in the world, it is loved by many people. The blend of spices and vegetables with a sprinkle of Indian tradition in each recipe makes people love it. The southern part of India comprises of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana, and Andra Pradesh. This is where we can find an excellent south Indian Cusine. The south Indian Cusine is very famous. Most of the south Indian Cuisine has medicinal value it along with the taste. Whenever we talk about south Indian Cuisine, there are certain dishes like Dosa, Vada, payasam, sambar, staple rice with veg and non-veg curries from Tamil Nadu, fish coconut curry from Kerala, Chettinadu recipes from Andra and Rava idli ad Rava Dosa recipes from Karnataka strikes our mind. The south Indian cuisine is very simple, it requires a lot of patience to bring out the exact essence of the cuisine. The balance of spices is the most important part of South Indian Foods. The Best South Indian food involves the use of dry spices, spice mixes, herbs, veggies, meats and locally available fruits and vegetables. Rice is consumed in major parts of South India. In this essay on south Indian food, we will see more about the South Indian food menu and some interesting and traditional cuisine recipes. The Indian cuisine is so much different from other cuisines such as Thai cuisine, Mexican cuisine, Mexican Cuisine, American cuisine, Middle Eastern cuisine, Punjabi cuisine, Gujarati cuisine, Cajun cuisine, french cuisine, African cuisine, global and global cuisine.
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