Top 20 Delicious and Irresistible South Indian Food

South Indian cuisine is the perfect blend of culture and taste. The staple food of South India is Rice. Byt these people are very creative and experimental, they have created a lot of recipes from their staple food. Their cuisine is the perfect blend of tradition and taste. These cuisines are not only tasty but also have many medicinal qualities. Their method of preparation includes some medicinal qualities such as usage of banana leaves, milk, ghee and spices which increase the nutritional value of the person.

The south India Compromises of the following five states they are Andra Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Telangana. In Each state, the taste and the cuisine vary. In this article we will see some of the best Delicious and Irresistible South Indian Food, so let us start our exploration.


Vada is a dish, which consumed as a snack or breakfast in most of the southern states. It is more popular in Tamil Nadu, it is also considered as an evening snack. It is a deep-fried snack, the vada is made up of batter which contains pigeon pea, chickpea, urad dal, moong dal and many other types based on the people’s taste.

Masala Vada

Then they are fixed with onion, green chilies, pepper, coriander, and curry leaves. Everything is mixed in a battery consistency and then it will be deep-fried in hot oil. There are many types such as masala vada, medhu vadas, keera vada, and bonda. It goes well with hot sambar, curd or any other types of chutneys.

Medhu Vadas

Masala Dosa

Dosa is one of the most favorite South Indian Foods in the world. Dosa is a dish that has a crispy and a wonderful taste to i. the dosa is served with chutney, sambar, kulambu and gravy items. There are many types of dosas are available. The dosa is prepared from a dosa batter. The dosa batter is made by grinding the soaked rice, lentils and urad dals. Then the blended mixture is mixed with some amount of salt to it.

The fermented batter is taken into a hot pan and a thin layer of dosa is formed. A teaspoon of oil/ ghee is added to the dosa. Then it will form into a crispy layer of dosa. We can consume it as it is if needed with sambar, chutney or other gravy varieties. There are many types of dosas available masala dosa, onion dosa, beetroot dosa, podi dosa and o on. For masala dosa, one needs to prepare a spicy masala of their choice, most preferably potato masala. Then the mixture is placed in the middle of the crispy dosa and folded into half. Then the masala is ready and it is served with sambar and chutneys. It is one of the most popular dishes in Tamil Nadu.


Idly is the savory breakfast of South Indi. Ths idly is made from the fermented batter. The idli batter is prepared from the soaked rice, lentils and urad daal overnight. Then the fermented batter is mixed with a pinch f salt and then it is teamed properly.

Idly / idli

The steamed idlis are very light, it is also served to infants as the taste is very light. The idlies are served with chutneys, sambhar, and gravies. Ths delightful recipe gets its origins from Karnataka. They are  also found in many Sri Lankan Cusine.


Upma is the favorite breakfast of Tamilians, it is a thick porridge prepared by using roasted sooji, flattened rice or semolina. Then the masala and vegetables of our choice can be added to it. It is served hot with coconut or tamarind chutney. This dish is also very light it is mostly consumed by the children.

Appam with Coconut milk/ Paya

Appam is the most delightful dish of Kerala. The Keralites use appam as their breakfast and also for dinner. The appam is prepared from the fermented rice batter. The fermented rice batter is poured into the big pan or bowl, then the oil is added to it. It is ready when a crispy outer layer is formed. It is served with coconut milk, sugar or payas. It depends on people’s taste.

Puttu with vellam and curries

Another famous dish from Kerala is puttu, the puttu is prepared from the rice flour. The rice flour and coconut are mixed then it is placed on the puttu maker. The puttu maker creates a rice ake. This rice cake is served with freshly grated coconut, vellam, sugar, coconut milk and also it can be served with Kerala curries. The dish is also prepared in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and some places in India.

Bisi Bele Bath

Bisi Bele Bath is the favorite dish of Karnataka. It is prepared in almost every house in Karnataka. The dish is prepared from a mixture of rice, vegetables and loads of spices. The dish is impacted with lots of flavors and hence when it is served hot, it is very tasty.

Pazham Pori

Pazha pori is a dish that is prepared in Kerala. It is a dish prepared from the ripen bananas. The ripen bananas are deep-fried in oil. The batter is prepared with maida, turmeric, salt, sugar, cumin, and water. Then the ripen bananas are covered with the batter mixer. The bananas are fried in hot oil. It is also considered as the best evening snack item of Kerala people. The dish is also served in many other places in India.

Paasiparuppu Payasam

Paasiparuppu payasam is a sweet dish originated in Andra Pradesh, but the dis is served throughout in India. It is a kheer type desert. It is prepared from moong dal and jaggery. The jaggery is dissolved oil and boiled up to a level. Then the pressurized and blended moong daal is added to the jaggery water. Then cinnamon, cardamom, dry fruits like cashews, badams and raisins are added to the desert. It is one of the liked desserts of the South Indian People and it is also served in almost every part of India. 

Rava Dosa

Rava Dosa is the most favorite dish of Tamilnadu. It is prepared from the Rava batter, the Rava dosa batter is very loose in the consistency. The batter consists of onions, green chilies, coriander, and some spices. Then the Rava batter is poured in the hot dosa pan. A teaspoon of ghee or oil s added to the dosa. Then the dos are cooked until it becomes crispy. Then the dosa is served with hot sambar or any with any type of spicy chutneys.


Adirasam is the main sweet dish of the Tamil People. It is prepared in almost every festival of Tamil people. The dish is made from jaggery and rice flour. The rice flour is mixed with jaggery water and cardamom. It is mixed until it gets into a dough consistency. Then the dough is kept undisturbed for 24 hours.then the dough is deep-fried in the hot oil. The crispy outer layer and the soft and sweet inner portion creates the perfect Sweet Dish in all the festive seasons.


Biriyani is one of the most famous dishes not only in South India but the dish is loved and cooked in almost every part of India. The Biriyani recipe can be prepared from both the vegetables and also from the meat. This review is the perfect blend of Indian and Arabic cuisine.

The rice consists if loads and loads of flavors. When all the spices are mixed with meat and veggies, produces the most aromatic and tasteful dish. In every part of India, Biryani is prepared in different styles.

Mysore Bonda 

As the name indicates, the Mysore Bonda is originated from Mysore, Karnataka. It is prepared by grinding the soaked urad dal. The batter should be very light it is mixed with grated ginger, peppercorns, onion, salt, and coriander. The batter is made into round shapes. Then the shaped batters are deep-fried in the oil. The hot flavorful Mysore Bonda recipe is one of the must-tries of South India. It is also found in many cafes.


Gongkura is one of the most popular and traditional dishes of Andra Pradesh. It is actually a side dish. It can be served with hot rice, idli dosa and also with the other variants. The gongkura eaves are washed and then added in a hot pan. Them mustard seeds, ed chilies, small onions, cumin seeds and curry leaves. The shallow fry all these ingredients and keep it aside until it cools down. Then the cooled mixture is grinded in the mixer jar.

Vangi Bath

Vangi Bath is a special Karnataka cuisine. It is prepared from a vangi masala which consists of coriander seeds, fenugreek, cumin, and cinnamon. All these are blended and added to the hot pan then it is mixed with the precooked rice. And at the end, a lemon is squeezed on top.

Rava Idli

Rava idli is the most idli tasteful variants of all. The Rava idli is prepared from roasting the Rava or semolina. Then some cashews, mustard seeds, curry leaves and cumin to the batter. Then the Rava idli batter is poured in the idli maker.s it can be served with chutneys and sambhar.


Uttappam is the thicker version of dosa. The same dos batter is used in uttapam preparation also. Here the uttapam is topped with onions, carrots, beet, capsicum and other veggies of our choice. The uttapam is served hot with sambhar and chutney.


Kuzhambu is one of the major dishes of Tamil Nadu. The kuzhambu is served along with the staple rice. The main ingredients of the kuzhambu are tamarind and the other vegies. The kuzhambu recipes consist of loads of spices and it is packed with high nutritional values.


Raam is the dish which is not only famous for the taste but also it has many medicinal values. The rasam is made from tamarind water, cumin, pepper, curry leaves, tomato, coriander, and salt. This mixture as an immense nutritional value. The dish is served hot with rice. It is consumed at the end of your meals. It helps the person in digestion.


Pesarattu is a dosa dish. It is prepared from moong dal.The dish is originated from the Andra Pradesh. The dish has many nutritional values. The dish is made from lentils or green grams. It is served hot with sambar and chutneys.

Here we have seen some of the tasty recipes of South Indin Cusine.

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